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Welcome to the Archives! Or, a collection of some of the longest blog titles ever!! Yes, I do get carried away sometimes.

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Sometimes, you gotta shake things up. | from the archives

August 2017: I was ambushed by two amazing resources at the end of Julyand they reshaped how I want to approach my novels AND, um, my whole writing life! Here's the story, and ... here's why I'll be taking a break from Lionhearted Writing Life posts, and posting over in the Production Diary instead!

Two posts on what it looks like to keep challenging ourselves to get better ... but without feeling grim and depressed. A bit of grit and a bit of grace for your writing. | from the archives

July 2017: This month we're looking at how to steadily grow at our craftwithout getting all grim about it. So if you're interested in constant improvement, but you don't want to trade in your curiosity and grace and playfulness, these articles are for you!


June 2017: Summertime is here in the midwest, so let's all just unwind a bit. Take some deep breaths. Zoom out. In this month's pair of posts, we're getting a new perspective, by taking the long view. Looking at the big picture. So steady your feet, and let's think big.

Misconceptions and best advice to fuel the next phase of our writing lives: from the archives at

May 2017: I kicked off my writing life in earnest eleven years ago this month, right after college graduation. And when I say "in earnest," I mean it: I wrote a paper as a final project, capturing advice and hopes and plans and expectations. How could I resist revisiting that same paper, more than a decade after writing it? To see what still rings true, and what was laughably misguided? In this month of graduations, of endings-that-become-beginnings, we're grabbing some of that commencement energy and letting it fuel the next chapter of our writing lives.

It happens: we get knocked over by storms of discouragement or deep feelings of failure. What's a lionhearted writer to do? Here's two posts to patch you up and get you moving again. | from the archives

April 2017: A month with plenty of stormy weather... both inside and out. If you've been getting swamped with discouragement lately, you're not alone! Here to help is your Anti-Glum First Aid Kit: a pair of posts to break down two major causes of writing life blues, and set you on a happier path. 

Make Your Own Magic: a pair of posts about finding your way into a beautiful writing groove. From the archives.

March 2017: Sometimes I want to abandon all sense & sustainability, and just nosedive into my writing. (Not in a cute way.) This month, I'm redirecting that impulse, away from zero-hygiene-and-foaming-at-the-mouth, and into something a bit more sensible and lovely: a deep writing groove.

These two posts round up my eight best practices for getting deep into work and staying there ... without damaging yourself. Join me.

Grace More: What it takes to create resilient and sustainable writing lives. (Because that's what we want, right??) | A series from the Lucy Flint Archives!

February 2017: A pair of posts that are guaranteed to bring a ton more grace into your writing life. Why grace, you say? Because it's just one of the most powerful forces out there, my dear. And you definitely want it on your side as you forge ahead with your writing. I promise. The first post sets up some ground work, and the second is a truly epic (aka LONG!) workshop-style post. Bring your journal and a big mug of tea. You won't be sorry: and your writing life will be transformed. Happy February.

Kicking off 2017 with a chat about goalmaking, and about the transformation *we* undergo to reach those goals. A pair of posts from

January 2017: Holy moly, how did it get to be 2017? No idea, but I'm excited for what's ahead! How about you? We have two posts this month for getting super clear on what we're aiming for. The kind of critical focus that will steer us to REALLY good places this year. High five, my lionhearted friend. Let's get after it.

From the Lucy Flint Archives! The last posts of 2016 are checking in with mindset. Let's end the year strong. |

December 2016: The last month of 2016! Where did the year go?? We're looking at mindset this month as we say farewell to 2016. Let's finish strong. 

From the Lucy Flint Archives! Two posts to fuel the marathon of Nanowrimo! One pep talk, and one killer resource to help you make it to the finish line. |

November 2016: November is for two things: marathon drafting (aka NaNoWriMo!) and pumpkin pie. Here I'll be chatting about the first thing ... though I plan on eating plenty of the second! ;)

Also this month: In order to clear space for publishing my first novel, I'm cutting back to two posts a month. So, the list isn't incomplete, even though it's a lot shorter than other months! 

From the Lucy Flint Archives! Let's always have the courage to listen to our writing lives, and to act on what we hear. That's the adventure of the writing journey. |

October 2016: Listening to what our writing lives are telling us, and then gathering the courage to actually DO that. It's a process that will change us for the better, over and over again. Welcome to Sabbatical Month.

From the Lucy Flint Archives! A series on strengthening ... every which way! |

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From the Lucy Flint Archives! We're taking some of the best quotes about writing, and applying them to our work and our mindset. The results? Are amazing. |

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