The way to great things.

In my unofficial list of "people who have done great things," I have to include Vincent Van Gogh.

Right? I mean, he's Van Gogh

And when I look at big achievements, I too easily slip into imagining that they were done all at once, with trumpets fanfaring along. Confetti pouring down. That great things feel like great things as they are being made.

Which is a daunting perspective to bring to the task of writing a book. Even a book that doesn't have to be great: I'd settle for pretty darn good.  

But my writing days are made up of small moments, small tasks. Little adjustments, little ideas. 

I get courage from quotes like this--and I know Van Gogh isn't the only one to say something like it. There's a host of other quotes and bits of advice that say the same sort of thing. But it never hurts to hear:

Small steps add up. Let's get good at the small steps. |

So let's be bold about our series of small things. (I mean, it worked for Van Gogh.)

For me, that's the next page of edits, the next batch of tiny ideas for the next novel. A few brushstrokes to add life to the settings in this upcoming chapter.

Just a dab here, a flash there. Nothing much.

A series of brave small things.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. -- Vincent Van Gogh