The truth about terrible writing.

Writing starts terribly. It's practically supposed to. |

The good news about terrible writing is that it isn't doomed to stay that way. 

The even better news? It can grow into something that's fresh, vivid, maybe even memorable. (And memorable for all the right reasons!)

Let's not shrug this off: Terrible means terrible. Like, make-your-eyes-water terrible. 

A much-needed reminder this week: I'm wading through tired sentences, dull verbs, over-modified sentences. Plenty of mediocre images. And yes, definitely the terrible.

So I'll keep my eyes on this quote as I revise and rewrite and scrub away the muck. This draft is just the super-awkward snapshot, the early years, the crappy yearbook photo. Something much much better will take its place.

Because I'm still aiming for marvelous.

Take that, mid-week discouragement!

Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. Start by getting something--anything--down on paper. -- Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird