No matter what. {Let's keep going.}

Today's quote can pretty well speak for itself.

What I did have, which others perhaps didn't, was a capacity for sticking at it, which really is the point, not the talent at all. You have to stick at it. -- Doris Lessing

How much do I love that.

Now and then, I feel inspired. On very rare occasions, I even feel brilliant.

But most days, I am just a terribly ordinary writer-girl who is only doing this because she's too darned stubborn to give up.

In other words, I do have that capacity for sticking at it.

And that--on this very ordinary day--is a comforting thought.

So let's rally that stubbornness, that plow horse mentality. The part of us that will stick with it. Through the thick and also through the thin. 

And let's keep going. Let's stick.

Once again, persistence trumps talent. Stick with it. |