Let's be clear-thinking kids.

Decide what it is you want to do, and then go after it. | lucyflint.com

Deceptively simple-sounding quote. Right? My first reaction was, "Astute observation, Captain Epictetus of the Obvious Brigade."

But then I realized how many times my sense of "what I would be" has shifted, without the "what I would do" following suit. How many times I've stumbled forward with a previous plan, when my internal compass has swiveled. 

I get a growing sense of frustration and displacement, but it can take me a while to put my finger on what has slipped out of place.

Ringing any bells for you too?

I have a birthday coming up, which always puts me in an introspective mood. And I'm high-fiving Epictetus in my mind, thanking him for his clarity.

As I look ahead to the next year of life with this new number (a bright and shiny 3-0!), I'm asking myself: 

So what would I be? It's time to refocus, to hone my definitions. Push them to their most laser-like.

And how can I do what I have to do? What kind of space can I clear, what habits can I ditch, what thought patterns can I set fire to? 

I want a clear horizon. A focused direction. My best running shoes. There are places to go.

Because 30's gonna be a good number. 

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. -- Epictetus