Thirty Days of Good Advice: the round-up.

Because sometimes a lot of a good thing . . . is an even better thing.

I don't know about you, but these thirty days of writing advice have been a good, constant challenge to me. And I must have internalized it somehow, because I've just finished six days in a row of awesome work. Keeping a good balance, a healthy mindset, moving forward, making progress...

Getting stuff done. 

It's such an exhilarating feeling. I'm getting my writing superpowers back, y'all. (Or, at least, I've re-harnessed my ability to deeply revise half-a-dozen pages while sitting up in bed, glugging coffee. That's the same thing.)

So I do think that this mini-festival of writing quotes has plowed some good ground in me. It's been the happy party that I hoped it would be! 

But you know how things are after a fabulous get-together. Just before your guests trickle out the door, it's good to snap a group pic or two, right? We were all here, in the same place, at the same time. Let's document it!

So that's this post. The group picture.

Here's the roundup of links to each post in the series, for your browsing pleasure. (Oh, and just to be clear: click through to see the actual quotes in the posts. These are just my micro summaries... the real brilliance of other authors is in each individual post. Okay? Okay.)

Write where you are

We work amid chaos.

Be determined.

Good writing comes from terrible first drafts.

Write for the pure joy of writing.

Sit down and start.

Remember that growth is uncomfortable.

Read your brains out, okay?

When you hit a wall: write (don't think).

10 Be okay with the tiny steps

11 Work like a grown-up

12 Hang in there

13 Being wise with interruptions.

14 Themes run deep. (Look for toothmarks.)

15 Let's be heroes.

16 Books explode.

17 Lean in. Look closer.

18 Don't disparage your middle drafts.

19 Lighten your grip.

20 Find your pace.

21 Give everything you have. Everything.

22 Embrace every new day.

23 Don't give up. Don't give up. Don't give up.

24 What amazes you? We need to hear about it.

25 (Just sit down and write. Just do that.)

26 Get rid of your excuses.

27 Face down the dangers. Keep daring.

28 Don't have regrets.

29 Who do you want to be? And what do you need to do?

30 Live + write. Write + live.

Wow... So now I want to go back and apply the quotes from #8, #10, and #17. That's what I need to hear and practice right now, to keep this draft moving forward! 

How about you? How's your work going? Did you have a favorite quote? (Or do you wanna share a new one with the group?) Let me know in the comments...