The main task.

Eric Maisel says, Your main task is to write where you are. | The Main Task, on

This comes from Eric Maisel's genius little book, A Writer's Paris. I have maybe read it a dozen times? My book-loving heart feels a thrill whenever I pick it up, because it's the perfect size, well-bound, and gorgeous. It's also packed with brilliant writing advice, and bonus, it feels like a trip to Paris. (Only cheaper.)

We could all do worse than to pick up this book and a croissant and some strong coffee, and then write all afternoon. Hmm. There's an idea.

I love the No matter what-ness of this quote. Regardless of where you are, regardless of the hang-ups. It is all too easy for me to focus on the difficulties, and magnify them until all I see is my inability to work.

How lovely (and freeing!) to flip it, and focus on writing right where I am.

In spite of being tired and confused, in spite of being in suburban Midwest (aka not Paris), in spite of not knowing--ever, it seems--what comes next.

We're writers. We're creators. We write.

Wherever we are.

Your main task is to write where you are, in whatever physical and psychological circumstances you find yourself. -- Eric Maisel