August 3, 2017: Love your mess and your mess will love you back. (We hope!!) [Day 4]

In that early start-up part of a project, I'm always rummaging around, trying to get a sense of "we're all in this together, right?!" So I go browsing for other people reporting on their process. 

I found this gorgeous TED talk by Tim Harford on embracing our mess. Such a great point about creativity, and how messiness in our work doesn't really mean what we tend to think it means. I really needed to hear this: 

I've also been hanging out on the Masterclass website. FRIENDS! You can get a HUGE amount of creative-process inspiration just by watching, um, every single trailer and clip for every single class that they have. 

... Okay, yes, that's funny, but SERIOUSLY: So much good stuff here. Herbie Hancock, Steve Martin, Hans Zimmer, Usher ... It's brilliant. I was scribbling down great quotes just from the trailers. So do check it out. 

Meanwhile: I'm digging into prewriting with my main characters, using Libbie Hawker's tactics for mapping out the character arcs. Getting really really excited to tell this story. Um, again. 

Still. Definitely excited.