Last week was a week of words.

A lot. A lot of words. 

And last night, I crossed the finish line on Draft Two of my work-in-progress. Woo hoo!! I didn't have any balloons to blow up, or champagne... but I danced around a lot and laughed giddily.

So today I don't have many words left: I think I spent them all.

Last Sunday I went on a mini road trip with my family--celebrating my mom's birthday by exploring Quincy, Illinois: a historic city up on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River.

Just three hours in a car on a foggy, cloudy day; talking with family; wandering the historical district; taking silly pictures with my older sister; listening to old songs in the car and proving that we still knew the words after all these years. 

It was a day for the low-key, for the what are you in the mood for, for being open to detours, for no expectations. 

Sometimes I need to remember that most scenes happen in real life, in three dimensions, in real time. That settings are bricks and cobblestones and hundred-year-old trees before they ever become words on a page. 

Good to live in the body, and not just in the brain.